What Our Candidates SayWhat Our Candidates Say

Madison MacArthur builds strong and ongoing relationships with candidates.

"Now that I have signed the offer, I wanted to thank you again for helping with this opportunity. I am excited to be joining such an accomplished executive team.  I have worked with quite a few recruiters over the years, some good, some not so good.  I'm very impressed with how you run your business." 
National Sales Leader, US

"I was not at all interested in looking for a new opportunity and habitually turned away the frequent approaches made by recruiters. Your approach was so professional and really struck a chord with me that I at least agreed to meet. The fact that you were equally interested in my career aspirations as well as the needs of your client was impressive. You were able to demonstrate to me that the opportunity you were working on was something that I should seriously consider. The rest is history. The personal growth for me with my new company has been wonderful, I already have a broader responsibility working on a North American platform and have had the opportunity to develop exactly the types of initiatives that I wanted to."

Director, Training & Development, financial services company

"When you initially approached me with an opportunity I had spent several years building up my own business and was not prepared to forfeit it to move back into the corporate fold. Despite that, you re-approached me with a subsequent opportunity and in speaking with me sensed that my reluctance was predicated on having held a number of previous senior management roles within organizations who's values and business approach were at odds with mine. You were able to demonstrate that the company and opportunity that you were representing were very in tune with my style and values. Although still not an easy decision to give up my hard won business, taking this opportunity has turned out to be the best career move ever for me. Thanks for your persistence."

Vice President, North American Sales, consumer goods company

"As my background was in financial services systems, operations and customer marketing, I would never have thought to consider a role within a technology distribution company. The consultant at Madison MacArthur was able to effectively draw parallels between my experience and the requirements of the role and the result was a wonderful opportunity that exposed me to a whole new industry."

Director of Channel Marketing, technology company

"You supported my candidacy for a role that I knew I was ready for - but didn't have quite the years of experience that were outlined in the job specification. Since joining the company last summer, I was responsible for rebuilding the whole sales team, have become the most senior manager in the Canadian operation and we are now on track to deliver record sales and profits. My experience in dealing with Madison MacArthur has been highly positive."

Director of Sales, international consumer goods manufacturer

"I truly appreciate you calling me on such diverse opportunities. You have a solid understanding of how my skills and experience can be leveraged across different industries. I find that most recruiters only call me when they have an assignment that is directly parallel to what I am doing now and always within the same industry. I'm interested in growth and broadening my experience, not doing the same thing somewhere else. I like your more creative way of thinking and know that you have my interests in mind."

President, petroleum company

"Madison MacArthur has recruited and placed me on two occasions in my career. Both times they approached me with excellent opportunities where my skills and experience would be a real asset and where the career development opportunities and organizational fit were excellent for me. It was because of this consideration for my needs as well as the company's needs that I have used Madison MacArthur's services when building my team at my current company."

Director of Internet Products & Services Development, telecommunications company

"I'm so glad that you called me on this opportunity. It has been a great ride and everything you said it would be. I have been able to build a powerhouse new team, expand my group and responsibility, become a real resource for the CEO and get involved in some major North American projects."

Director, Corporate Communications, financial services company

"Upon arriving home earlier today and opening your letter, a smile came to my face. I appreciated the correspondence and follow up pertaining to feedback from yourself and your client...this positive letter and attention to detail is one of the many reasons why Madison MacArthur is one of the top Executive Search firms in the city... I guess what I am really trying to say is ...THANKS! Please thank your colleague as well, even though the "fit" was not there, the experience was a very positive one. "

VP, Sales