How Diversity is Transforming the Executive Ranks

Sylvia MacArthur, Madison MacArthur, December 2013

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The new global market has been the catalyst for getting forward thinking businesses to understand the importance of nurturing diverse management teams. It goes beyond the obvious benefits of global understanding, new cultural and language skills, increased creativity and problem solving and better market insight and customer and consumer loyalty. The successful companies of the future see the importance of reflecting their customer base and realize that diversity directly affects the bottom line.

What impact is diversity actually having at the executive level in the private sector?
As an executive search firm that services a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 clients, Madison MacArthur is proud of the part that we have played in bringing diverse executive talent to our client organizations. In engagements we have completed ranging from management hires in functional areas to Presidents and CEO’s, here’s how the landscape has changed in our searches over the past 5 years:

  • 2012 – 42% men, 58% women, 33% minority (fairly evenly split male/female), slight edge to female)
  • 2011 – 51% men, 49% women, 27% minority (fairly evenly split male/female slight edge to male)
  • 2010 – 56% men, 44% women, 26% minority (fairly evenly split male/female, slight edge to male)
  • 2009 – 59% men, 41% women, 22% minority (evenly split male/female)
  • 2008  - 63% men, 37% women, 19% minority (fairly evenly split male/female, slight edge to male)
What is really impressive about this as it relates to women, is that in most searches, the number of female candidates is below 30% (except for marketing and HR disciplines). In fact, there were several searches during 2012 where the number of female candidates in a potential candidate pool was less than 10%! What are the implications of this? Companies are pushing harder than ever to enhance gender diversity in their executive teams….and the Madison MacArthur team was able to deliver!

Similarly impressive is the growth of minority candidates from under 20% to almost 1/3, thereby allowing our clients’ executive teams to more appropriately reflect the changing demographics of both their customers and their internal workforces.

Supporting clients in championing diversity has also been very fulfilling for the Madison MacArthur team as the learning that we have taken from interacting with such a broad group of candidates has only served to make us even better executive recruiters.

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