Interview Preparation
Regardless of the type of interview being conducted, you should always prepare before attending an interview. The following are some tips on interview preparation:

Think of, select and write down 15-20 stories illustrating your assets. Practice telling your stories until they are brief and concise, one to three minutes long. With each job you've held, write down how you made an impact, i.e., you had the highest sales, you created a new process, you saved money for the company. In fact, these accomplishments should already be on your resume. Let others help you out - use examples of quotes from bosses or customers, i.e., "My boss gave me a good performance review, she/he liked the way I stepped in to get the job done without being told to."

A good story can also combine work experience with a non-work experience (shows you can use the skill in a variety of settings). A good story can also combine a distant experience with a recent experience demonstrating the same skill (shows you've had the skill a long time). Research the company you are interviewing with. Visit the website, read company documents including annual reports, earning reports and brochures. Formulate a list of questions you would like to ask the company.