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Fees & Guarantees Fees & Guarantees

In order to provide a clear picture on costs, Madison MacArthur prefers to operate on a retained, flat fee basis in conducting searches, rather than a percentage of total paid compensation.

An initiation fee invoice, representing roughly 1/3 of the full fee, is issued when the search is awarded. Initiation fees are due upon commencement of the search. The balance of the fee is invoiced and due upon the completion of the search.

The benefits of a flat fee per assignment are as follows:

  1. Budgeting - advance knowledge of exactly what the search will cost.
  2. Salary based - rather than full compensation - no escalation due to bonuses etc.
  3. Confidence - that we are negotiating with the candidate on your behalf with no vested interest in driving up their compensation package.
  4. Objectivity- high potential, less expensive candidates are not held back from presentation to keep fees higher.


We take pride in our work and stand by our results, as is evidenced by our Partnership Guarantee:

Administration Fees

Madison MacArthur does not charge administration fees for items such as research, couriers, long distance calls etc. We see these as being our cost of doing business.

International Search Fees

International searches are conducted under the traditional model with fees representing a percentage of the total compensation and being billed as follows:

Business Continuity Plan

All of our critical client, candidate and project information is stored in two separate secure sites. As a result, all information is secure and readily retrievable so as to minimize any service interruption to our clients.