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What kind of search do you specialize in?

Our specialty is in searching the world to find top-notch executive talent to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Our corporate clientele spans across a vast number of industries and we have conducted highly successful searches for executives across all functional areas.

Do you only practice in senior executive level searches?

Madison MacArthur is a solutions provider for a diverse range of clients. Our practice can be divided into the following levels:

Our objective is to partner with world-class companies to develop their teams, increase efficiencies and produce bottom-line results. We have the experience and resources to search across management levels to provide our clients with the talent they require.

How do you go about finding candidates for a position?

Our focus is on research. Our project teams conduct extensive analysis of the client's business needs, work environment, operating style and corporate culture. Subsequently we use all available resources to identify and attract the top executives in the appropriate field that have the leadership and technical skills and chemistry to work well within our client's organization.

Is your search scope geographically limited to the Greater Toronto Area?

Madison MacArthur has successfully completed searches at the provincial, national and international levels. We have conducted searches in Europe, Asia, the United States and Central America. Through our partnerships with IRC Recruitment, with offices in 40 cities, in 25 countries, Madison MacArthur is able to serve the expanding needs of our international clients by providing integrated multinational searches.

Our objective is to partner with world-class companies to develop their teams, increase efficiencies and produce bottom-line results.

What are your timelines?

We tailor the search process to meet your critical timelines. While our rapid short list delivery depends on the search level and complexity, we can generally provide a short list in the following timelines:

What is the difference between a retained and contingency executive search firm?

Contingency search firms earn their fees only when the client company makes a hire through them. A contingency firm has no assurance of being paid, as clients often will have a number of such firms working on the same job assignment. As a result, a contingency search firm cannot afford to invest a great deal of time working on any individual assignment as the outcome may depend on factors beyond their control.

As a contingency recruiter usually does not have an exclusive assignment and is in a race against other sources to present potential candidates, they will often present attractive candidates to as many clients as possible.

Retained search firms are hired by the client company to conduct a dedicated search process on their behalf. They are paid, in part, in advance and generally either in additional installments throughout the process or at the conclusion of the search process. Clients engage retained search firms when it is critical that they hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified person available in the marketplace. They look to their search/recruitment partner to conduct in-depth industry research and identify, recruit and assess the highest potential candidates focusing not only on the basic job requirements but also the organization's culture and other critical issues related to the job vacancy

A retained search consultant will thoroughly screen candidates through in-depth interviewing, evaluation of internal candidates against an external shortlist, and providing comprehensive candidate assessments. Retained search firms will never present the same candidate to more than one client at a time

How can I learn more about Madison MacArthur and how the firm can assist my company?

We welcome the opportunity to meet with and present our credentials to prospective clients to determine how our expertise in dedicated executive search may be of service. We will happily set up a meeting at your office location or invite you to our offices. Contact Us.

Our company does our own recruitment in-house. Why should we consider using a dedicated search firm?

Only 12% of potential candidates actively respond to job postings, according to a recent study by Towers Perrin. 88% of the candidate universe needs to be recruited. Our dedicated search and recruitment strategies bring those difficult to reach individuals to the table.