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Relationship Manager Credit Card Portfolio

Financial/Credit Card Marketing & Consulting Services

The consulting company, based in Atlanta, Georgia had run into difficulties with their direct marketing campaigns for the credit card portfolio of one of Canada's leading banks. Inexperienced in the Canadian market, they had repeatedly sent US personnel to Canada for brief assignments to try to comprehend the basic market differences. Discouraged, and with the prospect of losing a major contract, the company recognized the need for a relationship manager to facilitate communications in both directions.

This was the client's first major foray into the Canadian market. Eager to grow their presence in the Canadian market, they soon came to the realization that US principles cannot be transplanted to the Canadian environment without modifications customized to our particular culture.  

The client was located in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Canadian Bank was pressuring them to have a relationship manager in place within a month's time. The role required someone with extensive experience on both sides of the border and someone comfortable and savvy enough to work on-site with the client they were managing. The client also felt that the candidate selected should be prepared to transfer to the US should the Canadian contract not be renewed.

Using our extensive database and referral network, within 2 weeks Madison MacArthur presented a short list of 5 well-qualified candidates, including one just completing his MBA in France. Interviews took place in Atlanta the following week, with all arrangements finalized by our company.

The chosen candidate was an exceptional individual with whom Madison MacArthur had developed a relationship early in his career. We knew that he was about to complete his MBA in Europe and that he possessed all the skills and requirements of the job. He had strong credit card experience in both Canada and the US and had previously managed the credit card portfolios of several leading Canadian banks. The candidate also possessed the people skills and flair to act as liaison between the two organizations.

At the 3 month update, our client and their respective client are enjoying a fruitful relationship, with both parties attributing the ensuing success of marketing campaigns to the new relationship manager. Armed with this strengthened rapport, the client is expanding Canadian operations.

At time of writing, the candidate has been in the role for 4 months. The client has indicated that as they develop their expansion plans in Canada, Madison MacArthur will be closely involved in this initiative.