Madison MacArthur Executive Search - Facilities Services Assignments



Multinational, Public, Business to Business Services Company

In preparation for the approaching retirement of the long-tenured and well regarded incumbent leader, this large services company engaged us to find them a successor. The candidate would need to have managed a significant team and budget, have a strong understanding of the service industry and the ability to take a very well running business to the next level.

The organization is a publically traded company and works across both Canada and the USA. The company is ardent about their customer service, keeping their robust culture intact and expanding their growth across a diverse geography. The role offered a challenge in identifying candidates that possessed all of the skills and experience to meet both the current mandate and potentially a larger future mandate, which would require relocation.  

The candidate was required to have a broad scope of B2B services industry experience including strategy, sales, finance, operations and talent management (including union). It was required that candidates have a business degree, a demonstrated track record of people development and leadership successes and familiarity with reporting into a US parent company, as the Canadian business typically provides a training ground for the executive suite based south of the border. In addition to the depth of service experience, the candidate had to have managed large teams and have the business acumen to manage a sizeable budget. Given that the Canadian operation disproportionately contributed to the company’s bottom-line when compared to other US-based parent companies in industry, the individual would have to have a strong marketing, relationship-building and sales skill set to develop new ideas and partnerships for the company. In taking an already successful business to the next level, the successor would have to motivate a tenured team of individuals to execute new ideas and revenue growth initiatives.

Due to the nature and scale of the client’s business, candidate identification had to be very precise. Madison MacArthur targeted candidates across North America and in Europe that had held senior management roles for organizations with a similar dedication to culture and that faced similar business challenges. In addition to targeting key prospects within specific companies, we identified and networked through all of the specialized service-oriented businesses as well as with particular retailers, logistics firms and other organizations that would yield candidates with transferrable experience and skills. A shortlist of seven candidates was presented, six meeting all of the client criteria. The seventh candidate, while not having the requisite tenure, did have a strong educational foundation and very relevant experience and was seen by Madison MacArthur as being a high-potential candidate that had the capability of stretching into the role. We also saw this candidate as potentially being a cultural fit for our client organization, given the paralleled strong education of their current executive team.

The client agreed to put all seven candidates through a rigorous interview process. While all of the candidates were deemed by the client as being very appropriate, three candidates were moved on to the final round of interviews. The selected candidate had most recently been working for a private equity firm and completed the sale of a large service organization after shaping up operations and increasing the bottom line. He was a strong fit culturally, had the right presence as a leader and had operational and growth results to prove his powerful candidacy.

Although the new President has only recently started in the role, he has already had a very positive impact on the team and organization. The client made a point of calling to thank us for presenting this candidate, as well as the others, as they were impressed with the shortlist. They are considering hiring two of the candidates put forth who did not move into the President role for other leadership roles in the organization. Given the client’s satisfaction with our services, Madison MacArthur was awarded an additional leadership search in another geographic location.

Madison MacArthur continues to partner effectively with this Client organization.