Madison MacArthur Executive Search - Consulting Assignments

Senior Vice President, Sales & Relationship Management

Our client is one of the big 4 global consulting firms

The client, with whom we had placed a number of Business Development Directors for various lines of business, was in need of a National Leader for this team. The predecessor had brought the team to a solid level of effectiveness and the client was looking to have the new VP take them to the next level. The new VP would be managing a large team of seasoned sales executives and working closely with the Firm Partners to ensure that sales opportunities were maximized and the pipeline was continually filled.

The candidate would need to have a high level of business contacts across multiple industries. They would need to be seasoned and polished to win the respect of the Partners, the sales organization and Firm clients and they would need to be able to adapt to working within a partnership environment.

The challenge was in finding candidates that had the requisite level of contacts and sales management skills and the drive to take a highly successful organization to the next level, while at the same time being comfortable in working in a matrix environment where there was no further career step.

The consultants at Madison MacArthur developed a search strategy which focused upon identifying candidates within service industries that sold their services to a wide spectrum of industries. Within the target companies, senior sales executives were identified that had successfully sold across multiple verticals, thereby having an optimal number of business contacts.

Madison MacArthur presented a roster of 5 exceptional candidates - all of whom had significant track records of business development and sales organization development throughout their careers. The successful candidate was a very seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Finance. Throughout his career he had built and managed sales organizations on both a national and international level. At the time that we recruited him, he was a VP with one of the world's largest IT companies and travelling 80% of the time. He had reached a level in his career within his current company where any other role within the company that would allow him to travel less would have been a step backwards in his career. Although he had tired of the constant travel, he was a vital executive that was looking forward to taking on a new and completely different kind of challenge. Due to his career successes, compensation was not a key factor, nor was future promotion and, as he had started his career as an accountant, he was very comfortable in working within a partnership environment.

Since taking on his new role, the candidate has been successful in galvanizing both the sales organization and the Partners, building a stronger sales culture within the Firm and expanding the business development pipeline. As a result of these successes, his team has continued to grow and Madison MacArthur has been fortunate in helping facilitate that growth.